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Struggling with payroll for your business? Let's ditch the overwhelm with a 1:1 session tailored to your unique payroll questions and concerns.

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Hi I’m LisaG, your dedicated payroll consultant with a passion for simplifying the complex world of payroll management. 

With over two decades of hands-on experience as a college payroll specialist, I've navigated the intricacies of payroll, managing $1.5M in monthly payrolls for a diverse team of 650+ employees. My journey through various pension systems, collective bargaining agreements, time tracking, and leave management has honed my expertise to guide you through the payroll maze.

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Payroll Demystified: I specialize in translating the overwhelming payroll landscape into clear, digestible insights. No more confusion, just confidence.

Your Trusty Mentor: I'm more than just a consultant; I'm your reliable mentor. Together, we'll build a solid foundation in payroll essentials that you can count on for your clients and your own business success.

Numbers with Heart: Beyond spreadsheets and calculations, I emphasize the human side of payroll. It's about the people behind those numbers, and I'll show you how to manage both effectively.

From Overwhelm to Empowerment: Whether you're an accounting professional or a new entrepreneur, I understand that payroll challenges can be overwhelming. I'm here to turn frustration into empowerment and fear into confidence.

Proactive Precision: Mistakes can be costly. I proactively equip you with the insights and strategies to reduce errors, avoid hefty tax penalties, and foster happy employees.

Proven Expertise: With a track record of managing complex payrolls, pension systems, and even navigating through collective bargaining agreements, my extensive experience is your ultimate advantage.

Soft Skills Matter: Numbers are important, but so are soft skills. I'll guide you in developing the interpersonal finesse required to handle both people and payroll seamlessly.

Let's navigate this payroll journey together. No need to face it alone.

From basics to brilliance, I'm here to elevate your understanding and transform your payroll experience into one that's both productive and rewarding. 

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